Summer Of ‘ 07

Finally, i revert back to the sacred web-space i created for myself.I call it sacred coz straying around here gives me immense peace, satisfaction and pleasure.This is something that complements me, gives me some moments of fulfillness during the dull days. Anyways…Today i am here for something which has become long time overdue now…i was … [Read more…]

Its True :-)

Abasing the agonyThat once was a part of meLife suddenly becomes beautifulAs I find myself in a world so colorful The days are brightAnd the nights are lightRains of happiness ,Grains of cheerAre enveloping me with deepest care Living the dreamsIn reality,I screamFor what i see is difficult to believeAnd I ask him to pinch … [Read more…]


brings the perfect start for this post.To begin with…i am on a vacation…and almost everything is just the way i wanted it to be…although deres someone i m missing badly, bt its a matter of some time now and soon we’ll be together…by the time i am njoying everythiing around me…4 a chng,i m havig … [Read more…]

EK hazaroon me…meri behna hai!!!

Then“Hello” “Hi, how are you?”“I am fine, what about you?”“I am also good. When did u come to Delhi?”“I am here since last 4 months…and for another one to go”“U should have ringed me up earlier na… Anyways, lets meet!! I have exams coming up, lets plan to meet some where in the preparatory leaves.”“Fine. … [Read more…]

Being followed

Straying once again In the fields,all alone. Suddenly I saw Someone accompanying me. A distinct individual With a soul as pure As the morning breeze . Following me Through the passage And through the rivers Through the ups and the downs Through the lows and the highs Still unshakable by the tides of time. Escorting … [Read more…]

I wish i never wrote this

Once upon a time… Lifes not at its best wen one is misunderstood by ppl who matter…n den ‘ppl who matter’ become ‘ppl who used to matter’,once upon a time…dats where comes a dead end….when deres no hope to revert back to a beautiful relationship dat once existed for real.Hmmm…it is precisely where i think … [Read more…]

A lesson tough enough

01.Akanksha, Life wont always be exactly the way you want it to be.02.Akanksha, Life wont always be exactly the way you want it to be.03.Akanksha, Life wont always be exactly the way you want it to be.04.Akanksha, Life wont always be exactly the way you want it to be.05.Akanksha, Life wont always be exactly the … [Read more…]