Pieces…Torn Apart.

She was in her teens…a brilliant student a great person. She had a clear understanding of what she wanted in life and had set many short term goals earlier and successfully managed to crack the bull’s eye each time.She was young and confident…ready to achieve her dreams.So one fine day, she told her protective parents … [Read more…]

“Finally” seems a small word.

It feels kind of great…or maybe better than that !!! The stagnation that life brought along is narrowing and giving route to new dimensions.Once it was all blurred and hazy, but today, I can see it all clearly.Its time to live the dreams in reality.Finally:-) The ‘Gray Gloom’s’ are over.Hmmm, I remember,This phrase was coined … [Read more…]

Tagged Again.

Another tag…quite a lot of them are falling in my pocket these days.But i think i wont be taking up any more for quite some time now.This time, Nags and Rajeev tagged me…so blame them-they are the true culprits behind this strange post. Here are the rules: Players, you must list one fact that is … [Read more…]

Cold,Lifeless,Waiting :-(

The process seems unending, Only the commas but no fullstop approaching. An agonising pain dwells in the heart, Accepting its permanance is a mammoth task. With every peace before the storm, There is a little conspiracy born. Each day repeats itself, And I struggle with my inner self. Accepting the defeat which is a result, … [Read more…]

Mere Bhaiya…Mere Chanda…Mere Anmol Ratan

Happy Raksha Bandhan…:-) Well,this is the best Rakhi gift i got. http://ideas-decoded.blogspot.com/2007/08/on-rakhi-for-my-loving-sister.html Brothers are special…and i am blessed by being the ‘only sis’ 🙂 and that means a lot of undue advantage and undivided attention and i just love it that way.Hmmm..wanted to put a lot of pics here bt i have to rush now…have … [Read more…]

The Reality Show

Well…hmmm…i am done with all the sotries and make-belief ‘fake stuff’ that i have been posting sice past some days.This post is all about me…The Real Me.So, all you gonna read here is a part of me and my world…maybe real or my virtual world. Hmmm..i dont exactly know why i am writing this one…maybe … [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday…

I couldnt find a better pic for “Wordless Wednesday”. This is a rangoli i made with some of my dear friends in college lsat year on the occasion of diwali!!! The colours sure mark the festivities going on during those times…and ofcourse the campus life we all enjoyed which was filled with a million different … [Read more…]