To Hampi, With Love

The ruins dotting the temple town of Hampi narrate a tale of the past as well as form a parallel storyline that I lived last month. Embracing this ancient Vijayanagara kingdom, I lost my heart, beat by beat to the past, present and to the times that lie ahead. Some places are like love, hard … [Read more…]

A Day at Bhopal


A couple of months back, while returning from an adventure trip to the forests of Satpura, I landed at Bhopal with a few hours to spare. I was all alone in a city I was visiting for the first time and for a change, I didn’t feel threatened by that realization. Instead, I felt a … [Read more…]

Canoe Safari At Satpura Forests with Forsyth Lodge

Canoe Safari Satpura

There are times when I come back home from a vacation but my heart refuses to believe that it’s back to the city. It delves deep into memories of a wonderful place, of a time well spent and creates a beautiful nostalgia for me. When I visited Satpura last month, I knew it was more … [Read more…]

Pahadi House Kanatal – Weekend Getaway from Delhi

Pahadi House Kanatal

Where there is a will, there is a way – I lived that quote this weekend and can’t wait to share what really happened. 2016 began with a sad note which kept reminding me that I won’t be able to take any leaves until the end of Feb. That meant no travels and definitely no … [Read more…]

Sursingdhar Series – The Hike Story

An intoxicating trip to the little known hill town of Sursingdhar, Tehri Garhwal almost had me converted from a total beach-person to someone who could fall in love with the mountains too. It was a perfect offbeat-holiday to break the monotony of corporate slavery.    Sursingdhar is tucked away from the touristy crowd by the … [Read more…]