To Hampi, With Love

The ruins dotting the temple town of Hampi narrate a tale of the past as well as form a parallel storyline that I lived last month. Embracing this ancient Vijayanagara kingdom, I lost my heart, beat by beat to the past, present and to the times that lie ahead. Some places are like love, hard … [Read more…]

The One With Sunday Brunches

I remembered that last evening, we were discussing the most pretty sunsets we had ever seen. So, that’s why I left you a text, asking you to come out of the cubicle for a while as I saw a beautiful sunset and didn’t want you to miss it. But then a meeting with clients meant that it would have to … [Read more…]

The one with Saturday Nights and Pretty Sunsets

Saturday nights, summers and sunsets is how it all began. The charm worked on me as I tried hard to not sway away into moonlight with a glittering desire to convert. And maybe, move on to the other side. But then that’s the thing about Saturday nights; they are so unpredictable. Just like this one … [Read more…]

Chasing Sunsets

2015 was a year dedicated to travel. Wanderlust kept me busy and many thought I was on a Bharat Darshan. What could be a more apt post to end the year and step into a new one by picking the best sunsets from my travels through the year. Sunsets have a strange, calming effect on me. They … [Read more…]

A Scottish Extravaganza


I am a girl whose best friends are not diamonds but travel vouchers to destinations both exotic and offbeat. Wanderlust is a way of life and every few days I search for escape routes to some place beautiful.   It was the summer of 2013 when I happened to be in the United Kingdom for … [Read more…]

To Let the Lesser Lights Glow.

(c) Akanksha Dureja The Sun sets To let the lesser lights glow And let them bask  In false glory Which isn’t theirs But, of the night.  The dark beckons As eternity clads itself In a grey-black veil And I sit back to ponder About meaningless escapades Conjuring.  The light-bulbs Far far away Flicker to the tunes  … [Read more…]