#HappyMove ‘Save Our Heritage’ Campaign By Hyundai India

#HappyMove Save Our Heritage

The sleepy town of Hampi in Karnataka, is a World Heritage Site now that is beautifully preserved in the ruins of the past. Invaders of the past destroyed this majestic capital of Vijaynagar Empire, leaving behind remains that are still beautiful. Invaders of today leave their names and love-stories over walls that signify much more … [Read more…]

Celebrating ‘Girls in Aviation Day’

Girls in Aviation Day

Last Saturday, the India Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) celebrated Girls in Aviation Day across the country, showcasing the aviation and aerospace domains to connect, explore & experience the aviation and aerospace industries. The objective was to celebrate Girls in Aviation Day, in the  presence of dignitaries, NCC cadets and girls from various NGOs. Besides Delhi the day was celebrated … [Read more…]

Lets Talk Relationships

It all began when an article popped up on my timeline claiming how more and more people are choosing to be single these days. People now are not falling for pressure created by the society to be in relationships they don’t approve of. They are choosing their own happiness over relevant and irrelevant norms, and that … [Read more…]

Breaking Barriers with Sofy Overnight

Sleeping Ugly

Temples. Pious, divine, holy temples. Prohibiting menstruating women to enter their premises since centuries. Because periods and purity are mutually exclusive. Well. Hypocracy? 8 kms from Guwahati is the Kamakhya Devi Temple, which is one of the fifty one Shakti Peeths. A legend goes that Shiva’s wife, Sati committed suicide when her father insulted her husband. Carrying … [Read more…]

India Meets India – A Unique Initiative

India Meets India

A couple of months ago, I got an invitation to catch up with the team of a unique social organization called India Meets India. The meeting turned out like opening a pandora’s box of everyday problems that half the India suffers from. But, it wasn’t just that. The team at India Meets India wasn’t focussing on the … [Read more…]

Rail Museum – A Heritage?

Rail Museum

Flashback to 1995. Summer Vacations. Days that were made of grandparents, mangoes, Famous Five books and constant pleas to show us the Delhi we read about in books. Days that are etched in memory as the best ones ever. Days that now are memories of a time which seems so distant even though it’s so … [Read more…]

Why I am NOT Proud of Indian Culture

Indian Culture

I am a non-conformist. Have always been one. It’s not an equal world and I am not going to conform to traditions or rules or the culture I don’t believe in. Not until I get what is my equal share as a citizen of India. Being a woman is a tough job in this country and … [Read more…]

A Meaningless Women’s Day

Women's Day

Congratulations! What started as a day to actually bring about a change has now been successfully reduced to yet another Hallmark occasion. Buy the woman a gift and celebrate ‪#‎WomensDay‬ today. From tomorrow onwards you can go back to cajoling her to quit that job, to get married to a guy of the same caste, … [Read more…]