Shopping in Malaysia with Malaysia Tourism’s Miss Shopiah

Shopping in Malaysia

“I went to buy a dress But I saw a pretty pair of shoes So I bought this handbag. “ Well, I know no man can ever understand that logic so lets not even go there. Women, I know can swear by it. Whether we accept it or not, most of us are shopaholics and … [Read more…]

All that You Need to Dine in Style

Having a beautiful dining room is a dream of so many homemakers. But not everyone can afford to have expensive furniture in the dining room. The truth is no matter how expensive the dining room furniture is, what truly enhances the beauty of the area are the little decorations. If you are eating good food, served … [Read more…]

You and me, in this virtual world

Wind is my new worst enemy ever coz it makes my hair look like a messy mop, every single day. There is nothing to cheer up a girl having a bad-hair-day except a mail from an online shopping website, giving her free coupons to shop and review the site!  I had always heard good reviews of Jabong … [Read more…]

London Diaries

London, you’re the eternal charmer Your cold droplets of rain Seeped through my body  To my heart Which was beating faster than ever As I almost missed a train Just like she did. Though there was no SRK To hold my hand But I felt him there, somewhere Carefully, looking at me From a distance  … [Read more…]

How to make your man a Shopaholic!!!

Women Empowerment, anyone?  The few and a half men in our lives, do they have any reason to be miserable about? From the ladies, I won’t take anything else but a ‘No’ for an answer. From the men, I’ll take anything they give me. See, that is exactly what I am talking about. Get the … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Project Plan

Take a taxi from the airport. Meet old friends Finally, have some chaat. It has been 6 months that you have been away from it. The new life begins. Hunt for accommodation. Decide, whether it should be a saree or a lehgna.You have a week’s time for making this decision. Its Saturday, head straight to … [Read more…]