An Open Letter to Twitter Trolls

Twitter Trolls

It is very easy to try to force your opinion laced with cuss words down other people’s throats while hiding behind the tri-color or your favourite politician’s picture. You are insulting both the tricolor and the one you consider God. Being anonymous is easy. To me, it means that you want to say things which … [Read more…]

A Moment of Silence

A silent tear  Picture Credit – Google Images Direction-less, in a pursuit  To dry down Fossilizing feelings forever Through crossroads of time Met another of its kind Witnessing a similar fate Yet somewhat different On another face, another front They shared the same bench On a lonely road Both drowned in their own dismayTrying to … [Read more…]

Nothing Historic About It.

It is, in no way, a historic decision. No, not until the punishment for rape is re-defined. Not until they keep classifying rapes as ‘heinous’ and ‘not-so-heinous’. Not until there is a ‘rarest of rare’ clause.  As per the verdict, Death punishment is awarded under section 302 of Indian Penal Code for murder. It clearly … [Read more…]

Guilty Safety

I might be thousands of miles away from India, in a country which is presumably safe for women but I don’t feel protected. I take a bus to work everyday, and men don’t take advantage of lack of space and pinch me at inappropriate places. I walk back from work and I don’t feel pairs … [Read more…]


Once, she was a little girl, This is a WOW Post for March 1st 2013 Who loved her toys butLoved her dolls a little more.Doll-weddings were her Favorite play time score.Make belief weddings Made her happy And desires mushroomed Of dressing up in red Adorned with some gold.A little princess she once wasWho didn’t have a perfect lifeBut a perfect childhoodWas her … [Read more…]

I have forgotten what it feels like to be safe in the city…

Two months since the Delhi gang rape incident, and nothing much has changed. Delhi remains as unsafe for women as ever. Our media wrote about Jyoti Singh Pandey, discussed her on Television shows, ripped off her family’s privacy and even showcased her results of the last exam which she could appear for. Each day they … [Read more…]

A tale of two women

It wasn’t a pleasant journey. She had a lot of emotional baggage to carry, and that wasn’t making it any easier. Even though she wasn’t aware, she was leaving a part of her behind, bit by bit with every step. She was walking alone – not quite sure of her destination. It was a hilly … [Read more…]

वो भारत देश है मेरा

जहाँ प्रांत प्रांत में डाकुओं का है बसेरा ,वो भारत देश है मेरा , वो भारत देश है मेरा ।जहाँ कोने कोने में करप्शन का है डेरा ,वो भारत देश है मेरा , वो भारत देश है मेरा । जहाँ घर घर सिखाया जाये ‘चलता है’ का मेवा , वो भारत देश है मेरा, वो भारत … [Read more…]

Not A Happy Ending

When Yash Chopra declared he is not going to make movies anymore, a part of me died forever, with no real hopes of revival. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’ve grown up watching his films with larger than life love stories and it was painful to know that all of it was coming to … [Read more…]

Word Power

I – A lost soul Picture Credit – Google Has nothing to give Or takeBut what I still haveAre wordsLight and heavySmall and largeCirculating inside meTrying to mushroom intoSentencesMeaningful or maybe notThey are the windowsTo my heartWhich hums to the tunesOf the days gone byGift-wrapped memoriesCome rushing to meWith unspoken wordsTo be decipheredThen color codedAnd kept … [Read more…]