Luxury In Nature’s Lap At TatSaraasa Resort & Spa, Udaipur

I lost my heart to Udaipur a couple of years ago, when I landed at the city of lakes during the pink of winters. Since then, a desire to re-visit and do Udaipur the offbeat way burned bright and I finally got a chance to do that last month, all thanks to TatSaraasa Resort & … [Read more…]

Kuldhara – An Untold Tale of Ruins


Many a times, ancient ruins are referred to as hauntingly beautiful. We don’t really realize this often, but referring to ruins as beautiful really overshadows the pain and sadness that must have enveloped the place after it really turned into a ruin. Sometime back, I visited what remains of the ancient settlement of Kuldhara, near Jaisalmer. … [Read more…]

Postcards from Jaisalmer


Ever since I read about it in school, Jaisalmer had always intrigued me. It was on my bucket list since a long long time. Last year, finally I got to check it off and add it to the list of places I want to re-visit. I landed there with sky high expectations, and the golden … [Read more…]

Udaipur, The City of Lakes


On a cold winter evening, we boarded a RSRTC Volvo from Gurgaon to Udaipur and it proved to be an adventure by itself. My travelogue to Udaipur would be incomplete if I don’t divulge the details of one of the most memorable bus journeys of my life.Hop on to We Are Holidays to read about the trip. … [Read more…]