The One With Sunday Brunches

I remembered that last evening, we were discussing the most pretty sunsets we had ever seen. So, that’s why I left you a text, asking you to come out of the cubicle for a while as I saw a beautiful sunset and didn’t want you to miss it. But then a meeting with clients meant that it would have to … [Read more…]

The one with Saturday Nights and Pretty Sunsets

Saturday nights, summers and sunsets is how it all began. The charm worked on me as I tried hard to not sway away into moonlight with a glittering desire to convert. And maybe, move on to the other side. But then that’s the thing about Saturday nights; they are so unpredictable. Just like this one … [Read more…]

That bitch called Life!

My life officially sucks, at the moment. I am sad. A bit too sad.I was let down by someone very close to me. Things are not fine,even at the work front.And, I realized that someone was lying to me big time.Nothing cheers me up. It is just one gloomy day after another.I live alone.(literally, as the … [Read more…]

Tagged Again.

Another tag…quite a lot of them are falling in my pocket these days.But i think i wont be taking up any more for quite some time now.This time, Nags and Rajeev tagged me…so blame them-they are the true culprits behind this strange post. Here are the rules: Players, you must list one fact that is … [Read more…]