Of War and Love at Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

A visit to Cologne was on my mind since I first saw the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, the day I landed in Deutschland. As my train zipped away on a love-struck bridge, it was the Cathedral in distance that caught my eye, and I could not stop staring. I obsessed about visiting Cologne ever since, and … [Read more…]

Of Sunflowers and Smiles

Some Sunday mornings come draped in nostalgia of a time gone by and then they leave you craving for something that doesn’t exist anymore. One such morning, I woke up to the thought of Aalu Parathas and loads of home-made butter. Sometimes, I dwell in the past long enough to let go of good things, and … [Read more…]

Live From Lord’s, London


I strongly believe that at times it so happens that you visit some places not because they are on your list but for your loved ones. A place which means so much to someone you love, that you have to go and leave your footprints and of course bring back souvenirs for them. That’s exactly … [Read more…]

The One With Sunday Brunches

I remembered that last evening, we were discussing the most pretty sunsets we had ever seen. So, that’s why I left you a text, asking you to come out of the cubicle for a while as I saw a beautiful sunset and didn’t want you to miss it. But then a meeting with clients meant that it would have to … [Read more…]

Yet Another Letter to Mr Khan


Dear Mr Khan Every single time when life makes sure I give up on love, you make sure I don’t. Last year, on the exact same date as today, I was really sad. DDLJ’s 20th Anniversary celebrations were on and they were playing it in cinemas again. But, the shows were all after 7 pm and … [Read more…]

Rakshabandhan Round The Corner

It is that time of the year again when women across India struggle to find the perfect Rakhi for their not-so-perfect brothers. Once all the drama of getting up and going to the market to get those shiny threads is over, there comes the task of wrapping them up, adding some words of love to … [Read more…]

#Chhattisgarh On My Mind…And I Am Not Lying!

Everyone around me knows that I am a total city girl and can’t survive at a countryside for more than a few days. But, my recent trip to Sursingdhar, has converted me into a total #OffbeatDestination lover. It is strange how some places have such a huge impact that you become a part of their journey, … [Read more…]