Live From Lord’s, London


I strongly believe that at times it so happens that you visit some places not because they are on your list but for your loved ones. A place which means so much to someone you love, that you have to go and leave your footprints and of course bring back souvenirs for them. That’s exactly … [Read more…]

Throwback To A Day Well Spent At London Motor Museum

London Motor Museum

2013 will always remain special for the travel opportunities it gave me. It was the year of ups and downs, of new bonds and heartbreaks, and also the year when I actually realized how much travel means to me. As I type this, fond memories of times spent in the Queen’s country come rushing back … [Read more…]

Bring In the New Year at London with British Airways

There are not enough words in the dictionary to  describe the feelings I have for London. Call me mad if you must, but London to me is real love of  the truly, madly, deeply kind, one which consumes you with all the passion that’s possible. If you understand falling in love with cities, probably you will … [Read more…]

London Diaries

Credits – For me it was love at first sight  And you reciprocated for my delight Days were rainbows, Written with vows Spring coloured my life shiny and bright. Letting myself go wasn’t easy I flew with your thoughts so breezy Spellbound by the Thames, I made new aims With you, even the clichés didn’t seem cheesy. I still … [Read more…]

A Meal-Deal

Politics of power for a bigger share Honesty died; Beg-borrow-steal! A nation they could divide, but people still care Though, a long lost connection they conceal But a one-ness sure exists, I feel For that statement, question me why  And a real life incident I would reveal Earth divided but there’s still a common sky. … [Read more…]

Happy New Year From The London Eye


Nostalgia is my best friend and letting go of things, my worst enemy. As the world was all set to welcome the new year, I was busy contemplating what 2013 meant to me. I was a sine wave of thoughts criss-crossing both sides of my existence. The Big Ben behind me reminded me of the times gone … [Read more…]

London Rhymes

An English summer Bridging the evident gaps Harmony is born An eye for an eye One was mine – one was London’s By the holy Thames A pretty skyline Up, above the world so high A miniscule me Forgotten childhood Reincarnates as dew drops He finally talks! You, me and our worlds Coincide just for a … [Read more…]

London Diaries

London, you’re the eternal charmer Your cold droplets of rain Seeped through my body  To my heart Which was beating faster than ever As I almost missed a train Just like she did. Though there was no SRK To hold my hand But I felt him there, somewhere Carefully, looking at me From a distance  … [Read more…]

London Diaries

Well, I haven’t ‘officially’ declared yet that I am on a break. But it already seems a long time since I last posted something. Life has been crazy and that isn’t really an excuse which I am trying to cook up. But, more on that some other time. This guest post by the ‘Amir Khan of … [Read more…]