An Open Letter to Twitter Trolls

Twitter Trolls

It is very easy to try to force your opinion laced with cuss words down other people’s throats while hiding behind the tri-color or your favourite politician’s picture. You are insulting both the tricolor and the one you consider God. Being anonymous is easy. To me, it means that you want to say things which … [Read more…]

Pahadi House Kanatal – Weekend Getaway from Delhi

Pahadi House Kanatal

Where there is a will, there is a way – I lived that quote this weekend and can’t wait to share what really happened. 2016 began with a sad note which kept reminding me that I won’t be able to take any leaves until the end of Feb. That meant no travels and definitely no … [Read more…]

Yet Another Letter to Mr Khan


Dear Mr Khan Every single time when life makes sure I give up on love, you make sure I don’t. Last year, on the exact same date as today, I was really sad. DDLJ’s 20th Anniversary celebrations were on and they were playing it in cinemas again. But, the shows were all after 7 pm and … [Read more…]

LIVThisDiwali with Sony

Sony LIV, Diwali Greetings, live this Diwali

It’s not a wonder  that #GharValiDiwali trends every year during the festival of lights. Even though it’s not really an exile we are living in, but coming home to the family and all things festive is a welcome break from our mechanical routines. It makes perfect sense like pieces of a jigsaw falling into their rightful … [Read more…]

Things Shah Rukh Khan didn’t say…

To whom-so-ever it may concern, 1- So, Shah Rukh Khan is a Pakistani Agent. And who are you, another reincarnation of a Hindu Goddess? Go, first give birth to four male kids, so that your existence makes sense. Then, maybe you’ll be entitled to an opinion. You claim to be a ‘Sadhvi’, so I am not … [Read more…]

All About You- Deepika’s Fashion Brand Launched By Myntra

Deepika Padukone’s fashion brand All About You was launched in Delhi a couple of days ago. It was a very interesting evening, with a ramp walk to remember. The clothes were chic, the models all glammed up who walked to catchy feminine numbers,  sung live. The stage set ablaze when the actor herself graced the ramp. … [Read more…]