Of War and Love at Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

A visit to Cologne was on my mind since I first saw the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, the day I landed in Deutschland. As my train zipped away on a love-struck bridge, it was the Cathedral in distance that caught my eye, and I could not stop staring. I obsessed about visiting Cologne ever since, and … [Read more…]

Jane Austen Centre, Bath

Jane Austen Centre

One winter weekend in the year 2013, I headed to the city of Bath, England. While everyone around kept telling me that there is nothing special about the city, I kept telling myself that they were all wrong. To me, every place in the world is unlike any other place in the world. Every place … [Read more…]

Behind the Book – Bucket List of a Traveloholic

Bucket List of a Traveloholic

Picture Credit – Google There are books and then there are books which take your breath away! I recently stumbled upon one such book called Bucket List of a Traveloholic by first time author Sarika Pandit. I was smitten by the cover picture, which I must say sums up the book, beautifully. Wanderlust has been … [Read more…]

Barefoot at Bournemouth


England was everything I had imagined it to be. And more. While I was slowly getting accustomed to a certain kind of order in everything around me, I was still far from missing the homeland. This was mostly because wanderlust kept me busy. Just a couple of days after the trip to Wales, I was already … [Read more…]

Pretty Paris

Paris is really a fragrance Fascinating as dew drops Melodious as a cadence And nothing but love, non-stop The Eiffel – not just a tower But a monument with a soul Attracting, with immense power As the lights rock n roll! The pale blue Seine, so sereneBridging the gaps of languageReflecting across boundaries, sheenCarrying a century’s baggageLove is in the … [Read more…]