#HappyMove ‘Save Our Heritage’ Campaign By Hyundai India

#HappyMove Save Our Heritage

The sleepy town of Hampi in Karnataka, is a World Heritage Site now that is beautifully preserved in the ruins of the past. Invaders of the past destroyed this majestic capital of Vijaynagar Empire, leaving behind remains that are still beautiful. Invaders of today leave their names and love-stories over walls that signify much more … [Read more…]

Change Of Guards Ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan

It was sheer luck that I came to know about the Change Of Guards ceremony that happens at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Though this spectacle takes place everyday, but it is open for public to attend only on weekends. The ceremony begins every morning at 8 am and one needs to carry a valid Id Proof to attend. Given that … [Read more…]

Rail Museum – A Heritage?

Rail Museum

Flashback to 1995. Summer Vacations. Days that were made of grandparents, mangoes, Famous Five books and constant pleas to show us the Delhi we read about in books. Days that are etched in memory as the best ones ever. Days that now are memories of a time which seems so distant even though it’s so … [Read more…]

Rediscovering History at Mehrauli Archaeological Park and A Giveaway!

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Today, I stared at this blank page for more than an hour as I struggled finding a perfect beginning. Then I realised, how can I even try to perfect something that is already in the past? I spent yet another hour trying to sort some stories. Then one more realisation beckoned; that these stories can’t really be sorted. They are … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Project Plan

Take a taxi from the airport. Meet old friends Finally, have some chaat. It has been 6 months that you have been away from it. The new life begins. Hunt for accommodation. Decide, whether it should be a saree or a lehgna.You have a week’s time for making this decision. Its Saturday, head straight to … [Read more…]