Offbeat Destinations For A Unique Family Holiday

Family holidays can become boring and unexciting if you’re heading to the same place over and over again. Consider shaking things up and heading somewhere completely unexpected. Here are just a few ideas that may inspire you for a unique family getaway. 


Head to India if you’re looking for a family holiday full to the brim with adventure and excitement. If your little ones are inquisitive and eager to learn more, make sure you take the time to visit historical landmarks such as the famed Taj Mahal, standing tall and magnificent on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra. For an active getaway, Darjeeling is your best bet for hiking routes unparalleled by any other. In the midst of the Himalayas, you’ll be trekking alongside some of the biggest peaks in the world. You’ve got to head to Tiger Hill, according to this blog. It’s a small, cliff-top plateau which commands spectacular views over the surrounding mountains. And for a laid back, easy detox, the city of Kolkata offers a drifting, peaceful insight into Indian art and culture.



If it’s a beach holiday you’re looking for, nowhere does it better than Bali. Kuta is the obvious and prime destination for the best of the bunch, a sprawling stretch of white sand and turquoise water beckons for you to come and plunge right in. But there’s plenty to do and see beyond the shore. Waterbom is arguably the best water park in the world, offering a range of diverse thrills and fun for the whole family. And be sure to look further inland for more attractions and unique excursion ideas ­– from pirate cruises to treetop obstacle courses, this Indonesian island truly has it all.



The kids will be blown away by Japan’s appeal, especially in cities such as Tokyo. It’s a technological haven, illuminated by thousands of neon lights throughout. Eccentricities such as cat cafes, robot restaurants and buzzing gadget stores standing several feet tall will keep the little ones occupied throughout your stay. But Tokyo isn’t the only place you should have on your bucket list – even though it does have its very own Disneyland. Head to Kyoto for a taste of Japan’s rich history, with majestic temples in abundance standing wistfully on the outskirts of the city. And, if you’re willing to, Hiroshima is a sobering yet necessary experience if you want to understand how Japan became how it is today.



For many, Ibiza is paradise for the drunken reveler. With bars lining the strip of the island, it would make sense if you actively try to avoid visiting. Think again – head to the other side of Ibiza and you’ll discover a quiet, dreamy beach resort that may well be one of the best in the world.There’s a rustic charm to Ibiza beyond the partying, which you’ll discover when choosing accommodation. Opt for a traditional villa and you’ll be transported back in time, the island stripped of any modernism. It’s the perfect destination for a chilled and stress-free family holiday – and we all need one of those.



Despite Colombia having an extensive history of being potentially dangerous to outsiders, the crime rates have dropped dramatically and the majority of the South American destination is now safer than ever, welcoming families with warmth and excitement. For an insight into Colombia’s incredibly rich history, head to Cartagena. The port town is deeply rooted in the past, retaining its traditions through food, architecture and art – especially dance. Stroll along the city walls to take in the many sights within, and for something unique, consider taking a mud bath in an active volcano, described as one of the best things you can do in the town. It’ll make for a cool story the kids can tell their friends once you’re home!

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