#HappyMove ‘Save Our Heritage’ Campaign By Hyundai India

The sleepy town of Hampi in Karnataka, is a World Heritage Site now that is beautifully preserved in the ruins of the past. Invaders of the past destroyed this majestic capital of Vijaynagar Empire, leaving behind remains that are still beautiful. Invaders of today leave their names and love-stories over walls that signify much more than a lost era. It’s heartbreaking to see how we can be so ignorant of what we are destroying. I clicked this picture at the Queen’s Bath in Hampi, my heart crushing into a million pieces looking at such destruction. Clearly, India needs to focus so much more on educating the masses about importance of our own heritage. #HappyMove Save Our Heritage

There is no doubt that India needs to be educated so that pictures like above become a thing of the past. I recently came to know about an initiative by Hyundai called ‘Save Our Heritage’ and was happy to be a part of this heartwarming step they are taking to preserve history. Still unable to get over the ruins I saw at Hampi, I decided to visit Humayun’s Tomb with Team Hyundai, to get yet another glimpse of a lost era.  Hyundai’s #HappyMove Save Our Heritage Campaign aims to educate and sensitize people about India’s rich heritage and take significant steps in preserving Hyundai is conducting awareness drives (July 10-20, 2017) with 125 Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers (100 from S.Korea and 25 from India) at the heritage sites of Humayun Tomb, Qutub Minar, Purana Qila, Red Fort, Qila Rai Pithora and Feroz Shah Kotla. The volunteers will undertake maintenance to preserve the amenities, gardens and will conduct awareness drives to educate the visitors about the value of our heritage.  #HappyMove Save Our Heritage

#HappyMove Save Our Heritage


#HappyMove Save Our Heritage


#HappyMove Save Our Heritage

Further to spread the message amongst children, volunteers will also conduct School Contact Programme at 5 Delhi-Tamil association (DTEA) Senior Secondary Schools at R.K.Puram, Laxmibai Nagar, Janakpuri, Moti Bagh and Pusa Road. Volunteers will conduct school premises cleaning, school wall designing, maintenance of gardens and design competitions to generate a creative and innovative study environment. #HappyMove Save Our Heritage

Happy Move- Save our Heritage is an unique initiative in association with Archaeological Survey of India. Hyundai is thrilled to mobilize an enthusiastic group of Happy Move volunteers from different backgrounds and cultures to jointly work and make this a mass movement towards a common goal of preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. While also raising the awareness level of school students as well as contributing to the welfare and development of school facilities” #HappyMove Save Our Heritage

#HappyMove Save Our Heritage

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) official on their association with Hyundai said, “India has an extraordinarily rich and diverse cultural heritage in the form of archaeological sites. It is the responsibility of each one of us to preserve this heritage for the next generations to come as they are both symbols of cultural expressions and evolution. Hyundai’s ‘Happy Move’ is a great initiative that is growing stronger every year. We are happy to support this and look forward to more and more people participating in this movement”.

The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers are selected by Hyundai Motor Company with a view to create a global community around the principles of sharing. Currently in its 19 th edition, the volunteer program has sent over 3,000 volunteers to India till date who have been instrumental in creating a meaningful difference to lives of people in over 65 villages around Chennai. The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers have helped create sanitation facilities for over 500 families, provided school infrastructure that has helped 180 schools and over 90,000 students.


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  1. Nice initiative…Schools and colleges are the mandatory places that need to be included to spread the message….The students should be involved in the campaign and in the efforts for the restoration…This would help in clearly transferring the message

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