Postcards from Krabi

Even though it has been a couple of weeks since I came back from Krabi, this beach town still lingers on in my mind. Occasionally, I find myself walking along its sandy beaches, sipping guava juice and admiring a pretty sunset. And then the dream abruptly ends with an alarm. With it’s lush green forests, jaw-droppingly-beautiful sunsets and friendly people, Krabi has given me memories for keeps.

Here’s a picture story from Krabi which will give you an insider’s glimpse into the stuff of my dreams these days.

A quiet, sun-kissed afternoon at Ao Nang Beach.Krabi


As the sun settled inside the ocean, it left behind a hue of different shades of orange.Krabi


Krabi is beautiful in light and in darkness. Aren’t these lady boys too pretty to be boys?Krabi

At the Tiger Cave Temple, there’s a strange peace that engulfs you!Krabi

1260 steps and a flat tummy later, the view that greets you is worth the effort to reach here!Krabi

And of course, this huge Buddha which is so beautiful that a picture cannot do justice!

Mornings at Ao Nang are a definition of all things pretty.

I am sure this one doesn’t need words 🙂

And then I decided to get a lot of Vitamin SEA

The pleasure of waving at strangers on another boat cannot be explained in words.

And then you stop and wonder at the marvels of nature!

Krabi will keep on giving you pleasant surprises!Krabi

An island with pristine white sands that I keep on re-visiting in my dreams.Krabi

Chicken Island. Anyone hungry yet?Krabi

Picture Perfect.Krabi

I really didn’t want to come back to the shore even though I don’t know how to swim!Krabi

If only I get to see such pretty sunsets everyday…Krabi

Yet another sunset from my Krabi dreams.

I think these pictures speak for themselves and I don’t need to write a thousand word post trying to entice people into include Krabi in their Thailand itinerary.

A heartfelt Thanks to Cox And Kings and Thailand Tourism for offering me to be a part of their #GreatGirlyGetaway to Krabi, a sure shot way to remain #ForeverYoung.


  1. Beautiful images AD. One of my ex-colleagues highly recommend Krabi to me.. He and his wife go there every 6-8 months to rejuvenate. He was telling me one can directly fly in to Krabi internationally!

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