Taiwan – The Most Underrated Travel Destination of Asia

I have been penning a lot of travel-fantasies these days. You can’t really blame me, blame this world which is so beautiful, even with all it’s our flaws. While we have already daydreamed across Bali and Macau, today it’s Taiwan’s turn.Do you know that the country has much more to offer other than technology and smartphones?

Taiwan has been described as the most underrated travel destination to travel in Asia. There are gorgeous beaches, serene hiking spots, tropical mountains and thriving night culture add to the wholesome travel experience that truly establishes the reputation of Taiwan as a country of diversity.

You can visit the tallest skyscraper in Taipei with 101 floors that incorporates the design elements of traditional and modern styles. Taiwan’s treasured skyscraper is located in the modern eastern part of the city. The dazzling view of the building offers endless shopping opportunities to tourists, apart from great food. View from the top is, as always, breathtaking! Steeped in tradition and culture, Taipei is home to famous monuments, landmark sites and premier centers for performing arts. Moving further away from Taipei, Hsinchu, Hualein, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Puli and many other destinations offer a myriad of experiences.

On the eastern coast of Taiwan is perched the Taroko National Park that features deep valleys, steep cliffs and the adventurous tunnel of Nine turns in the island. Admission is free of cost and the ideal time to visit is during the months of July and August. Nature lovers can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Sun Moon Lake where tourists throng in large numbers during the sunrise and sunset hours.

A land of rugged mountainous terrain with abundant rainfall, for experienced mountaineers and hikers, it is a sought after destination to go for mountain adventure. Travellers can engage in outdoor activities like underwater adventure in the tropical surface, hiking in the foothills close to the city or climbing the roof of Taiwan, Mt. Hade at nearly 4,000 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in Northeast Asia.

Other visually encapsulating places include the Jinguashi in an old town in the New Taipei area, Yuemeikeng Waterfall a paradise for waterfall lovers and the white sandy beaches of Jibei Island to enjoy a perfect beach experience. Taiwan is a country so diverse with so much to offer. I can’t help but wonder why no one ever talked about it as a country to be explored beyond it’s technology. It’s time we rectify that! Hence, the post!

Hence, the post!


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