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There are some places which change you forever. England did that to me in ways more than I can possibly imagine. Even though the travel bug was always there, it is here that my journey finally began. So much so that even after more than twenty posts, I still have so many stories to share. And a few lessons as well. I had instantly fallen in love with everything English. For once, I didn’t resist it, and let it take it’s own course. After all it was a place, not a man who could give me a heartbreak. Before I knew, I had started loving London almost as much as I have always loved Delhi. Before this, no place in the world had ever come close. Now, I have two happy places. I live in one, and one lives on in my in memories. PlaceofOrigin

A year spent away from India taught me many things. One among them was to respect the local food and culture and give it some time to grow on you. If you let that happen, invariably, it’ll give way to a permanent relationship which is free of any assumptions and myths because this way,whatever you learn about the country and it’s culture is your own experience and not anyone else’s story. England grew on me, and I grew on her. We both loved each other most of the times. I say most of the times because I am not really fond of winters. English summer is a misnomer which I understood only when I experienced it.

On rare weekends when I was not travelling, I would sit by my window overlooking the park and watch it rain. It used to be beautiful but a broken kind of beautiful. Like raindrops falling on earth, trying to evoke emotions that were non-existent. How much ever the droplets tried, they could not get a petrichor out of this earth. None at all. And that’s when I started missing the homeland. The familiar fragrances, the familiar flavours and the family were only as far away as one assumed them to be. It is during these times that I longed for everything Indian. No substitutes would ever work. The only solace was a far away Indian store. One such time, I remember getting mad with excitement seeing a packet of garam-masala sourced from India. It wasn’t just any garam-masala, it was the brand my mum has been using ever since they stopped making it at home. Before this, I never knew that even garam-masala could make my day! England taught me to appreciate small joys.


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We’ve all known the importance of local produce and how it plays a very important role in the local economy. And of course, the quality is much better and prices cheaper. It’s only logical that you get the best of a kind at it’s place of origin. Is there even a comparison for sattu from Bihar, cardamom from Coorg, saffron from Kashmir? Like the time I told you how garam-masala became my dose of happiness, it was only because it had come down from India. Now, what if I tell you that you can get food-items from the places they are best known for, without actually traveling there?, aims to source these food items from across the country, from where ever they are produced, right to your door-step. India being such a diverse country, it only makes sense.

In their own words, try “Because of the personal memories we tag to them. And because those memories still delight. Because legendary foods will forever defy every law of demand and supply and leave us craving for more. Because even a single bite can trigger a symphony of all our senses, a complete foodgasm. Because you only get that delicious original taste from the place of origin. Being keen travelers, and avid foodies, we have been fortunate to experience the culinary delights of our country. We understand the sheer joy that food can bring to our otherwise busy lives and thus Place of Origin is an attempt to bring to you the best of legendary food from the kitchens of the legends – from the places of their origins.” –  That’s how convincing they are! I am sure going to give it a try.

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