Domino’s Pizza – New Launches In India

Domino’s Pizza, India’s Pizza Delivery Expert and market leader in the organized pizza market is back with its latest product offering for the season. Domino’s Pizza has launched 2 new products – Double Cheese Crunch pizza and Custard Bliss dessert. Both the products have been created by Chef Narendra Singh Jaravta, Head Chef at Domino’s Pizza, and his team. I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the exclusive bloggers preview at the South Ex outlet and I must say I came back happy. I really loved the Double Cheese Crunch Pizza and I am sure I am going to order it the next time I am at Dominos. Because I can never get over the gooey choco-lava and choose any other dessert while I am at Dominos, so Custard Bliss didn’t impress the chocolate person in me. Nevertheless, a good option for people who want a change from the usual chocolate based desserts. Dominos Pizza  New Launches India Dominos Pizza  New Launches India

 Double Cheese Crunch

The unique Double Cheese Crunch pizza is the latest addition in the list of indulgent pizzas offered by Domino’s Pizza. It is an exclusive offering by Domino’s Pizza and comes with two thin crusts having liquid creamy cheese in-between, topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh vegetarian or non-vegetarian toppings.

Domino's Pizza - New Launches In India

Chef’s Description: Liquid cheese sandwich with two thin crusts, topped with Mozzarella cheese

 Custard Bliss

Custard Bliss dessert has been developed considering Indian consumers’ love for custard flavour. It is the latest addition to the dessert menu after the much loved Choco Lava Cake. This amazingly delicious dessert is made from soft buttery flavoured dough rolled over tasty Vanilla Custard, milk, cream, sprinkled with finely powdered cardamom sugar which adds a unique delightful flavour.

Chef’s Description: Vanilla custard surprise in freshly baked dough pouch

Domino's Pizza - New Launches In India

 The latest launches have been developed with the aim of providing a wider menu to the consumers making their experience more enjoyable and exciting. I really enjoyed the new menu and look forward to visiting again. 🙂

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