A Drive To Remember With Tata Bolt

Monday mornings are tricky. There’s nothing in the world which can make them bearable for me. I sulk a whole lot before I even reach the workplace. No, I don’t hate my job, I only hate Mondays. And mornings. But, last Monday was not an ordinary one because with it, came an invite from Blogadda to attend the Tata #BoltDrvies adventure trip. Ever since I came back from Goa last month, my feet have anyway been itching to leave the city once again. 

After a successful run in Mumbai, it was now Delhi’s turn and the Blogger Brigade couldn’t be more exhilarated about the drive. Even the soaring temperatures couldn’t beat our excitement because we knew that the destination as well as the drive was going to be one hell of an experience. Armed with blogger-gear(read DSLRs, Smart-phones, Tablets, Selfie-Sticks and Power-Banks) we all reached the venue where we were supposed to assemble for a short talk by Mr. Indepreet Sethi, Brand Manager, Tata Bolt followed by lunch. Thanks to Blogadda for making sure that we were well fed and hydrated before taking off. Small things like this show you care, and that really means a lot. Not the meal, but the thought behind it. 

Mr. Sethi explained to us the nitty-gritties of the new Tata Bolt. The talk was to-the-point and interesting just like the cool new features which this car is packaged with. I was particularly impressed with the ConnectNext Touch Infotainment unit because I am kind of working on a similar product based on Machine to Machine communication protocols in the not so parallel world. Well, now everyone knows I am a techie though I may not look like one.

Soon, we ventured out and a number of brand new and blazing red Tata Bolt cars were waiting for us. Bloggers were divided into teams of three and we were assigned the Revotron variant. I was particularly happy that we were an all girls team. We stood for women power, defying the stereotype that women are lousy drivers. The power packed girls that we were, we rocked the drive and it kind of gave us a sense of freedom we seldom get to experience in this country. That’s why our team was special. Women defying conventions, taking over the highways and conquering them made the day extra special. More power to us! 

First, we headed to an empty ground where the suspension test activity was planned for us. It was fun connecting the dots while the brand new Tata Bolt zipped and zoomed over a set of closely placed speed-breakers. It gave us an idea that those suspensions were really aimed for Indian roads. Kejriwal or not, we anyway don’t have hopes of better roads soon.

After the test, we headed towards the highway. The drive was a smooth one, even though the roads were just as bad as they are. The roads kept testing the much talked about suspensions which really work, and we could feel the difference. The ConnectNext system made sure that we were connected to Captain Bolt from Tata, who called us on regular intervals to check if we need anything. We became particularly fond of his voice after a while and were actually looking forward to his calls. The mystery man kept our interest levels high! 

The drive was an exciting one and soon we reached Neemrana Fort Palace where the next lap of the event was planned. Neemrana Fort Palace is just plain beautiful and I felt as if I was inside a history text book once again. If only they had HD images in those boring text books, I guess I would have scored better in the subject while in school. Every nook and corner of the place was like a photo opportunity screaming out loud to me. 

After a round of welcome drinks, we were given a guided tour of the palace by the staff. Even though it was still hot outside, but the beauty of the palace called out to each one of us. We braved the heat with lots of nimbu-pani and soon were high on the intoxicating architecture of Neemrana Fort Palace. Leaving you with some glimpses of what we saw…


Time seemed to have come to a halt for us while we explored the beautiful age old structure. The pictures might not do entire justice to what we actually saw and felt. But soon, it was time to leave and head back to our concrete jungles, leaving this beauty behind. 

We gathered to click group pictures and for a round of snacks before heading back to Delhi. None of us had expected what was going to come next. It was time to announce the winner for a Blogadda contest and Mr Sethi told us that for the first time in the history of Indian Blogging, a fellow Blogger Ragini Puri won a Tata Bolt for her post written for Get Set Bolt Contest by Tata Bolt and Blogadda! Ragini’s reaction to this news was priceless. 

This was one hell of an experience and it made even more sense to me as I am currently looking for a car to make it my own. And now, I have my heart set on a Red Tata Bolt. If only I could get a blogger discount! 😉 

Here’s a little video summing up the whole Tata Bolt experience. It was a Sunday very well spent at  #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Wow…refreshing post I must say. Look at the beautiful pictures you've clicked.
    I am glad dear Akanksha that I was your team mate. It was a fun drive indeed. looking forward to more of such event :p

    • akankshaadureja

      It was nice meeting you! It was undoubtedly a nice experience. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    • akankshaadureja

      Thanks Alok. We had a great time, and already looking forward to the next event by Blogadda 🙂

  2. Alok Vats

    Awesome post Akanksha, it was in fact one of the most memorable day of our life and we cannot be able to ever forget this day….

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