Book Review- God is a Gamer

God is a Gamer is the first of Ravi Subramanian that I read and I must begin with stating that I am going to pick up his other works really soon. Ravi is yet another banker turned writer, but unlike others he has not let go of everything banking. Instead, he has used his experience in the domain to churn out this page turner of a book.

It all begins with a Prologue set in Dec 2009, at New York and has various facets revolving in Mumbai, Goa, Washington, Delhi, New York, Ukraine and London. This book is one heck of a journey round the world, anchored by a virtual currency called Bitcoins which has the potential to take on the financial institutions of today. Something that has such huge prospects will attract good as well as evil intentions and Bitcoins is no exception.

The book is power-packed with love, brutal murders, robberies, virtual games, lust, drugs, money and what not. There are many characters and stories which proceed side by side. Interestingly, the chapters are really short and this technique of keeping them short actually helps the reader to keep track of all the things going on simultaneously and not forget who is who. The stories start mingling with each other soon, with some predictable and some not so predictable twists and turns. You’ll be hooked to this book, sooner than you know or expect. 

Even though coming from a banker, the book has IT jargon as an integral part of it, instead of finance jargon, which was an assumption I made before picking this up. The author sure surprised me with that. But the ‘Gamer’ in the title might come as a clue, if you want to take it. With the nitty-gritty of the virtual world playing a backdrop against the foreground of Bitcoins, this is one interesting read. 

It is difficult to keep it down, though by Chapter 75 out of 99, I was pretty much able to guess what is actually going on. This is not one of those books where the reader can’t make out the suspense until the last page. For me, the last few chapters were a reflection of my assumptions and how the story leads to that point. It maybe because I have worked in similar environments or maybe it is just the way it is – I can’t say. 

There is a love story or two in the plot, but I failed to understand how including explicit love-making paragraphs is taking the story forward. Maybe those paragraphs were added because some things are driven by external factors. To me, they didn’t hold any meaning as far as the plot was concerned.  

All in all, it is a pretty decent thriller which makes you want to sacrifice your sleep and finish it in a go. A Friday night would be the perfect time to pick it up. 

Author – Ravi Subramanian
Publisher – Penguin
Pages – 310
Price – INR 299.00
My Rating – 3/5

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