Once, she was a little girl,

This is a WOW Post for March 1st 2013

Who loved her toys but
Loved her dolls a little more.
Doll-weddings were her 
Favorite play time score.
Make belief weddings 
Made her happy 
And desires mushroomed 
Of dressing up in red 
Adorned with some gold.

A little princess she once was
Who didn’t have a perfect life
But a perfect childhood
Was her constant companion
When she wasn’t scared
Or scarred.
It was a star-lit night
And a ceremony better than 
One of her dream weddings
Which screwed her life.

She bid adieu to her home

And her heart broke into 
A million pieces, which
She knew would be difficult to mend
Little did she know
They would use these 
Shattered units of her heart
To pierce her body
With an unending pain
Of violence,dowry again and again.

A happily ever after 
Never came
What she got was 
All the remains
Of a life that was promised
Which didn’t exist,
Of a life that she dreamed
Which was a fallacy,
Of a life that she knew
Which was an illusion.

Not many get a fairy-tale ending
But each one of us 
Is strong enough to
Make a new beginning.
She was an independent woman once
Who gave up her life
But not anymore.
She thought 
And thought some more
At a conclusion she finally arrived.

She wouldn’t suffer for 
A life that was promised.
She wouldn’t suffer for
A non-existent dream
She wouldn’t suffer for
A mirage which didn’t exist.
She wouldn’t suffer for the sake of a society
Which didn’t bother to 
Protect her even when
She was pregnant with a girl child.

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    • akankshaadureja

      Reality Bites and all the dreams are washed away, in most of the cases. 🙁
      Thanks a lot for dropping by! Glad you liked it here 🙂

    • akankshaadureja

      Well, While penning this down, a thought crossed my mind. It said, Until we keep projecting women as victims, nothing is going to change. Project them as survivors, and maybe the world agrees with it and tries to change…

  1. ..that is the sad truth of a girl in our society…she grows up with a million dreams..but all her dreams are shattered by our society..though we call ourselves a modern india..but still a girl is being discriminated against everywhere..our society needs to change its outlook towards a girl…
    ..i loved this poem…your message wonderfully put into words..keep it up..and keep writing.. 🙂

    • akankshaadureja

      Thanks Rigzin. Glad you liked it. I wish I never had to write something like this. But I see a change, a new beginning. Together, hopefully we can turn tables and head towards a gender equal society.

    • akankshaadureja

      It is 🙁 I wish I never had to write something like this. I hope a change is round the corner now.

  2. What can i say Akanksha ,you have said it all.This satire ought to rip off the blinkers off their eyes.Yes all real men would be on our side,but what about those stupid women & men who bring up their sons like royalty>?It starts from there.A kid does not realize he is being fed wrong values & by the time he grows up,they have become ingrained in him.

  3. panchali2

    A soul-stirring piece, Akanksha. Hope she gets to see a better tomorrow…and soon!Amen!
    Beautifully penned….:)

    • akankshaadureja

      Me too! But like you said, we're atleast talking about it. Hopefully, a real change is just round the corner.

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