Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow


The Editor,

The TImes of India.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I never thought I would write a letter to an editor someday, except those written as assignments, while in school. But somethings bother me enough, to get off my lazy bum and type this. 

I have grown up reading your newspaper. From the times when I was interested only in  Delhi Times, to today when I don’t really care about it but actual news, we sure have come a long way. Hand in hand, we have walked the path of life. But everything comes to an end, they say. It saddens me to inform you, that today, as I write to you, I am breaking up with The TImes of India.

You may ask, why this sudden decision to break such a long happy relationship. I can only say, that I grew up. In today’s times when there is not much need of a hardcopy of a newspaper, I have been really disappointed with I suppose you already know what I mean. 

Nevertheless, I would like to point out a few things, as I wish to enlighten you with this mail. As a biased media entity, I am shocked you still hold a large share of the Indian population. I don’t know what kind of money you make by being biased, but it sure shows how corrupt you are. India certainly doesn’t need another corrupt person, leave aside a corrupt national daily. 

It is a nightmare to open your website, at the workplace. Who knows what will popup next! It can be anything ranging from ‘First desi topless photo-shoot’ to ‘OMG: Couple has sex in a public pool!’ That is news? Really? I guess ‘Preity digs her nose in public’ is news too! By your standards of what can be classified as ‘news’, I can only guess you picked up  journalists from a campus recruitment at a desi chidiyaghar. 

Don’t get me started on your ‘Women’ section which has proudly boasted about the advantages(for men) of women being virgins till they marry. It was the most sexist article I have ever read. It hurt even more, coming from a female writer. The page was later removed, for reasons I don’t know, although it is not hard to guess. But still, I ask how could such an article find an esteemed space in a national newspaper? 

I am not sure what your definition of Life and Style is. Going by wiki  it means -” the way a person lives to one’s own ability “. I can only hope you stop giving e-learning sex tutorials to perverts, who might be the only ones interested in reading about enjoyable sex positions in a national daily. Maybe, even teenagers would fall for that crap, but I would rather say sex education in schools would be a better option rather than you guys.

Now coming to the most un-important of all issues I have with the legendary, The Times of India – Movie Reviews. You give two and a half stars to Joker. Do you really know the meaning of two and a half stars? Joker is just an example. If I ever take your film reviews seriously, I’d end up wasting my money on unwatchable movies and miss the good ones. I guess you’re doing it for money. I thought about it, but couldn’t find another reason why you want your readers to curse you, sitting in a multiplex. 

I guess that would be all from my side. And since finally I’ve decided to let go of you, I guess better things await me.

Good Luck with Yellow Journalism
An ex-reader

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