Khana Khazana

Yours truly invited a bunch of friends for dinner.No occasion in particular, I just wanted to celebrate the bond we shared.How much those people meant to me, can be judged by the fact that, it was a full working day.And I spared them no choice.They better come or else I wouldn’t talk to them for at least a week. Considering the talkative girl I was, not speaking to them would have been more of a punishment to me, rather than any of them.
Another time, I gave into the craving for the delicious Aalu-Tikki and decided to try my hands on it.It was a sudden desire to indulge in authentic North Indian(read Delhi) chaat.Pune was always a great place to live, but I sure missed those road-side street vendors so much that once I even decided to go on a very long hiatus as far as the Maharashtrian version of chaat was concerned.And, at the end of a three month hibernation, I obliged myself, dear old roomies, bro and his roomies with a delicacy only they can tell you about!
One fine day, Shrish got a brilliant idea! When you are the oldest among the group of people, you hang out with, you got to be proactive and act a bit too cool to keep their interests in you.So, this idea might be one of those attempts to be accepted by the youngsters, right Shrish πŸ˜› AndΒ  sharing the idea over a quick and crisp e-mail was the way forward.’Monday’ was ‘The Day’ ,and, forΒ  a change, I was looking forward to it, without any Monday blues.A Monday without Monday blues was non existent for me and it still is. That Monday, was an exception in true sense of the word.I started the preparations on Saturday itself, by buying carrots and other things. A group of around 15 people (mostly girls and a few guys) got together for lunch on Monday, with home-cooked food at the office food-court which boasted of hundreds of cuisines from around the country! And our food was better than those make-belief chefs they hired! I chose to makeΒ  a lavish dessert only because I had no idea what else to make.Also, I was craving for it since some time, but FYI, I don’t really have a sweet tooth.My home-made-in-8-hours-gajar-ka-halva stole the show!:-) It was an Eternal Bliss!
Weekend cooking was always fun with Sailaja , Snig and Narin. There were always more than a handful of people to enjoy the great food with.Company matters as much as the food itself. Those delicacies would not have been as great, if we all didn’t have fun while making them or sharing them with all the regular and irregular visitors, who most of the times,were asked to bring along a few ingredients which we forgot to get or kept for last minute buying routines! But, there is one regret I have, I really wanted Sailaja and Narin to meet sometime and cook for me!That is a wild wild imagination as Sailaja was here only coz Narin had moved out.Food was something over which we all bonded, more than anything else!Neither of us could stand food cooked poorly. And we always made an exception – here, too many cooks never spoilt the broth.Never ever. It always got better and bigger. πŸ™‚
Good food always cheers me up, no matter what! You see me sad, treat me with delicious food, and I’ll be fine! But the only condition is, the great food should keep coming, to keep me distracted…Life has not been a cakewalk since I landed in Delhi and I have almost forgotten the love I had for putting together a meal for the near and dear ones(or maybe doing it just to get appreciated!) Once in a while, I bounce back and get excited over it. But it doesn’t last. Last week, there was not much work at office, so clicking some random links brought me to a few awesome food blogger’s kitchens and I absolutely loved what they did.And thanks to them, for the inspiration that I am writing this post!But then,I realized my love for good food is not as much the love for food, as it is the love for sharing it with friends and bullying them to say a few words in appreciation!Β 
As someone said, not every girl is a good cook, but, you are one of the few good ones!And someone else,finds refuge in my cooking, because not every girl is a good cook.Thank you, someone else, for always appreciating, and not complaining, even if it turns to be a disaster at times.Dear Another Someone, I miss not being in ‘our’ kitchen anymore πŸ™ And Yet Another Someone, I tried one of your mango-something-recipe, and it turned out to be as good as yours, and once again, I went dreaming of good old days…

If you want me to prove it, you are welcome for a treat! But, the only condition is, I need people around me to get the best out of me.Otherwise, just a bowl of maggi is fine for me.

You might have to catch up on some ingredients which I may have forgotten.So, remember to give me a call and ask if you need to buy me something before you land!


  1. i remember ur cookin and feasts at ur place :)… i hv enjoyed all πŸ˜‰

    but from blog point of view…tune chicken ko bhi mention karna tha na kahin khana khazana mein
    uske bina kaisa khazana

    keep it up… always lookin to ur cookin n writing.. lov all πŸ™‚


  2. wish i was invited.. πŸ™ well if i ever get to delhi… you'll have this enthusiastic foodie, buying salt and pepper, thats my responsibility :P…
    hope u have a nice time…

    take care and keep writing…………

  3. Ha Ha..
    Aap jaisa cook gar dost ho to, life ban jaye.. haan life ban jaye.. πŸ˜›

    Your post made me hungry.. :

    BTW, Go & watch Stanely ka dabba.. You ll love it.. πŸ™‚

    Good to see you back on your blog.. πŸ™‚

    Keep Cooking. Keep Smiling. πŸ™‚

  4. You always served with love and lot of dedication. Especially remember the day when you ran out of gas but still churned out a four course gourment meal for eight of your guests – single handedly!!

    Miss your sarson ka saag! πŸ™‚


  5. After reading the post, I now have a strong craving for some aloo chat 😐
    Having lived in Delhi for so many years, I now miss the street food terribly. But this is happy post and I loved reading it, so no complains πŸ˜€

    Very well written!

  6. Food never bothers me until the people, with whom I am, are at their best.

    I hope you get back your lost interest in cooking. Share some recipe too!!!

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