Postcards from Neemrana


Every now and then I crave to leave the city behind and head to some place nice and slow- to pack meaningful moments in the same twenty four hour day which seems much smaller here. Most of the times, such trips are unplanned ones spanning over a weekend. After all there is no such thing … [Read more…]

Unfolding a Fairytale at Kanker Palace, Chhattisgarh

Kanker Palace

Would you believe me if I told you that I got a chance to live a fairy-tale for a day? Would you believe that this was no Disneyland but a real palace, with  real a prince and princess? Would you believe that an alternate world in all it’s royal glory still exists? This fairy tale made … [Read more…]

India Meets India – A Unique Initiative

India Meets India

A couple of months ago, I got an invitation to catch up with the team of a unique social organization called India Meets India. The meeting turned out like opening a pandora’s box of everyday problems that half the India suffers from. But, it wasn’t just that. The team at India Meets India wasn’t focussing on the … [Read more…]

PlaceofOrigin – Kitchens from Legends


There are some places which change you forever. England did that to me in ways more than I can possibly imagine. Even though the travel bug was always there, it is here that my journey finally began. So much so that even after more than twenty posts, I still have so many stories to share. And a … [Read more…]