Taiwan – The Most Underrated Travel Destination of Asia


I have been penning a lot of travel-fantasies these days. You can’t really blame me, blame this world which is so beautiful, even with all it’s our flaws. While we have already daydreamed across Bali and Macau, today it’s Taiwan’s turn.Do you know that the country has much more to offer other than technology and smartphones? … [Read more…]

A Perfect Holiday in Macau


Yesterday’s daydreaming about Bali left me daydreaming some more. This time about a destination that came up as a probable international trip of the year with my college gang. A late night whatsapp group chat was responsible for keeping me awake way past my bedtime ( which is 2 a.m. by the way) While it all began … [Read more…]

Five Offbeat Things To Do On a Vacation In Bali


Bali has been on my bucket list since forever. Somehow it has been one of those elusive places I keep on thinking about but couldn’t visit. Someday, I will set foot on those serene white sand beaches and see layers of stories unfold. Just like Liz Gilbert, I will have my own version of Eat Pray … [Read more…]