The One With Sunday Brunches


I remembered that last evening, we were discussing the most pretty sunsets we had ever seen. So, that’s why I left you a text, asking you to come out of the cubicle for a while as I saw a beautiful sunset and didn’t want you to miss it. But then a meeting with clients meant that it would have to … [Read more…]

Mana, The Last Village of India

Last Village of India

Blame it on my gypsy soul and itchy feet that I can’t stop thinking about travelling when I am confined to the city. An old boarding pass or a bag yet to be unpacked, memories of a long forgotten trip, or a random fridge magnet – they all remind of the stories that I still … [Read more…]

Nag Tibba in Winters – The Ultimate Adventure!

Nag Tibba

Finally the rain stopped and the sky cleared. We could see stars staring at us from light years away. I stared back at them, secretly hoping to see a shooting star. But that didn’t happen, and instead I let out a wish for the universe to work on. It was cold and my shoes still … [Read more…]

Brunch with Hyatt Social Sundays

Hyatt Social Sundays

A laid back Sunday morning slowly melting into noon and aromas from mum’s kitchen waking me up is the definition of perfect. And, just in case it’s raining, that’ll add to the charm. Sunday brunches are special, whether at home alone, with friends or family. I have never been a morning person, and given a choice, … [Read more…]